The Name of the Cat

research by: Susan Czaja, grandaughter of Eva and Sylvester

width="40%">Sylvester & Eva with cat

I thought people would get a kick out of this small exchange of parts of letters. The first letter was written the day before Gramp went back to Devens after his motorcycle accident in Bridgeport.

Cromwell Wed.eve [May 22]

When I got back from Binks', Father had gotten home and had the pictures. I am sending you a set of them. I think they came out well, don't you? You can always take that one with you & me together by Uncle Bill's door as proof that you are as big as I am, can't you?


[Pleasantville, May 24]

I got your letter with the pictures in it this morning. I think the cat picture is the best one of all, don't you? I knew I was tall but I didn't quite dare dream I was as tall as you, but seeing is believing and now all the future to the contrary, never again will I doubt that fact.


Camp Devens Sat.eve. 5/25/18.

I have come back inside now as it has gotten dark out on the [barracks] porch. Right up in front of me over my table I have the picture of us where you are holding the cat. I liked that picture the best, too, and had already picked it out & put it up before you announced your choice. So you see, we've been thinking together. Did you know it when we were? Well, it is a good picture and I surely like it. Did you know the cat's name, by the way? I bet you'd never guess.


[I must have misfiled the return letter, but it said something like]

What is the cat's name? Did you mention it in the letter, and I just didn't know. I'll bet it's something biblical.


Camp Devens Thurs.eve. May 30/18.

I hardly believe you'd call our cat's name a Bible one. But you, being an ardent student of Scriptural genealogy might tell me if there is anyone by the name of "Dippy" mentioned in Holy Writ. You'd better ask Uncle Bill the next time you see him. He named the cat.


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