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A son is born to Sylvester and Eva, August 1920

Aug 26, 1920

Dear Mother,

Everything is progressing as it should thus far. Eva is quite comfortable and well and Sewall has been pronounced a healthy baby by doctor and nurse. He weighed 8 1/2 pounds at birth which was a pound and a half more than my guess. His lungs seem to be the best developed part of his little anatomy, and he has not been niggardly about giving them exercise. He slept for the entire afternoon today, however, which is his best record yet. His feet bid fair to uphold the honor of the clan, and his hair has a good head start. His eyes are a very dark blue, I should say. But its his little turned up nose and upper lip curved to correspond which attracts my attention the most: He looks so utterly disdainful of anyone who disagrees with him in the very positive opinions he has on such subjects at baths.

Maternal connections offer Sewall a far greater antiquity of relationships than the paternal. One full great-great-aunt is all the latter can offer, but his mother's side of the house goes that two generations better if a great-great-great aunt of Eva's in Germany is still living, as she was last they knew a few years ago. At any rate, Baby has a three greated uncle in Philadelphia.

I have made out today a number of cards on the Kinne model. but have yet to get the envelopes to fit. Thank you for sending the card over.

Cousin Jane Strickland surprised us by sending over by mail another fine blanket, which, larger than those Eva made, have proved very valuable. The packages you wrote of have not yet come, but I imagine they will come tomorrow. I suppose that Burleson has to take a look at the parcel post first to see if there is anything useful for his family.

Both your letters have come. The pre-natal and the post-natal. I'm sure it will be allright to come over by Sunday and we'll all be glad to see you. Don't mind if I stick up my nose, says Sewall, for it comes that way.

As our telephone is out of order, I had to call you up from the public telephone in Mattoon's print store, and hence Plymouth had an early opportunity to know of the increase of 1/50 of 1 % in its population.

Best love to everybody from Everybody,

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