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From the Wedding booklet of Sylvester and Eva

A Family Record

Wedding Certificate

This Certifies that
on the _4th_ day of _August_
in the Year of Our Lord _1919_
Sylvester Benjamin Butler and Eva Lutz
were by me
United in Marriage
at _Cape May City_
according to the Ordinance of
God and the Laws of
_the state of New Jersey_
Curtis O. Bosserman, Presbyterian Church
Witnesses: Gertrude M. Tolbert, Aida O. Smith

Cape May City license 312.

Wedding Guests

Mr. & Mrs. G. S. Butler, Rocky Hill, Conn.
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Lutz. Pleasantville
Miss Catherine Lutz. Pleasantville
Frank Lutz. Pleasantville
Gertrude M. Tolbert, 1631 N. 13th St. Philadelphia, PA.
Lucinthia Butler, New York City.
Mr. & Mrs. R. S. Butler, Waterbury, Conn.
Ephriam Mitchell, Absecon, NJ
Mrs. Walter Smith, Palmyra, NJ.
Dr. James Martin, Phila.
Mrs. Bessie Wallace, Phila.
Harold Odgers, Palmyra, NJ.
Curtis O. Bosserman, Cape May, NJ


Sylvester: Sapphire & Pearl Lavalliere
Uncle Watson & Aunt Ella: Silver Bread Tray. Peacock
The W. F. Savage children: Silver Dish and Spoon
Catherine Hubbard Davis: Glass vase.
Cousin Molly Robinson: Money (Percolator)
Marion Parsons: Candlesticks
Miss Sadie Noble: Cracker and Jam plate
Miss Alice Fawthroh: Pyrex dish
Mrs. A. Graf: Candy dish
Mr. R. S. Griswold: Money
Uncle Edward, Aunt Elizabeth and Miss Ella Coe: Money (Gas Stove)
Mr. & Mrs. S. Hubbard: Spoon (Jelly)
Horace Hubbard: Spoon (Sugar)
Dr. & Mrs. Bush: Cold Meat Fork
Aunt Sally & Uncle Edward Wright: 1/2 doz. Silver coffee spoons
Frances Wright: Sugar Tongs
Raymond and Eleanore Coe: Luncheon Set
Marie & Devere Allen: Sandwich Basket
Mrs. Lerrox: Blue plate
Dr. & Mrs. Hallock: Silver Cream pitcher
Aunt Lucy & Aunt Sarah Savage: Silver set
Lucinthia Butler: Table Cloth & Napkins (Chrysanthemums)
Ralph & Winnie Butler: Clock
Uncle George Savage: Silver platter holder
Mrs. Mosher: Hot plate pad & doilies
Aunt Kate Warner: Money
Uncle Ernest Butler: Money (Dining Room Rug)
Aunt Laura Calef: Money (Windsor Rocker)
Cousins Walton & Pauline Andrus: Money (Kitchen Cabinet)
Mother & Daddie Butler: Autumn Leaf Dinner set: Crumb Tray
Mother & Dad: Tea set. Sugar bowl, Tea pot & Cream Pitcher
Aunt Eliza Reinar: Glass sugar bowl & pitcher
Dorcas Reinar Davison: Satin Skirt
Mother D.: High Brown shoes.
Lillian Nicohlson: Money (Pyrex dishes)
Cousins George & Mary Andrus: Money
Carl & Connie Andrus: Gold banded bon bon dish.
Mrs. Couch: Salad set
Mr. & Mrs. Barrows: 1/2 doz. sherbet glasses
Mrs. Willis Warner: Hand painted dish
Mr. Willis Warner: Salt & pepper shakers
Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Binks: Bureau scarf
Landers, Frary & Clark: 26 piece Silver set
Miss McKiernan & Miss Kennedy: 1/2 doz. butter spreaders
Cousin Fanny Baldwin: Glass Cake dish
Uncle W. and Aunt E Wright: Cut glass dish
Ephriam Mitchell: Silver Sandwich tray
Mr. & Mrs. E. Grumman: Red & Silver China Tea Cups
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph G. Tryon: Silver salt & pepper shakers
Aunt Amelia and Aunt Kate: Blankets
Aunt Katie: 1/2 doz. Silver table spoons: Gravy ladle (Great Aunt Katie's)
Cousin Anna: Embroidered Centerpiece
Miss Bertha I. Dagnoll: Silver Tomato Server

Our Wedding Journey

After the wedding we were driven by auto to Hemlock Manor, our old sweetheart haunt where we pitched and army tent and slept in an army bedding roll. After riding all next day on the train we arrived at Boston where we stayed overnight at the Parker House then rode on to Weirs NH, on Lake Winnipeseogee, whence we took a lake steamer to Melvin Village on the eastern side. Here we got supplies and then were taken up to Hemlock Lodge, our Lake Winnipesogee cottage, by a friend Sergeant Fernald. We stayed at Hemlock Lodge two weeks, fishing, rowing, huckleberrying, finding new flowers and leading a happy healthy outdoor life.

Hemlock Lodge, NH. Hemlock Lodge, NH.

We finished up by a motor trip thru the White Mountains by the courtesy of Sergeant Fernald and then came back home by the way of Portland, Maine where we stayed one night.

Mt. Washington

Guests in our Home

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Savage 10/12/19
Kate H. Warner 10/17/19
Ma & Dad 10/26/19
Anna H. Galt 10/26/19
Lucy H. Savage 10/26/19
Geo. P. Savage 10/26/19
Lucinthia Butler 11/2/19
Flora Binks 8/12/20

Family Gatherings

Mother Butler's Birthday 12/1/1919
Mother and Daddie Butler
Aunt Sarah
Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Edward
Uncle George
Mrs. Couch

The Children

Sewall Tolbert Butler
August 25, 1920
Named for: Arthur R. Sewall: Gertrude M. Tolbert

Visits Made

Ralph & Winnie Butler - Waterbury - 8/27-29/19
Raymond & Eleanor Coe - Thimble Islands 9/20-21/19

Wedding Anniversaries

Years married _one_
Guests: Miss Mary Beardsley: Mrs. Dwight H. Terry
Afternoon party, cake, jello, and fudge.
Decorations: Queen Anne's lace, Golden-rod, locust leaves

Rocky Hill
Postmarked Aug. 7, 1919

To: Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester B. Butler
% H.C.Fernald
Melvin Village
New Hampshire

Dear Eva & Sylvester -

I was surely pleased this morning when I had to get out the address to send the camera, to find you were to be in New Hampshire. The country, I know, is lovely up there and I am sure you will enjoy it. I hope the camera arrives safely. I also forwarded three letters, thought I better as long as I had the location.

My guess on the trip was away off. If we had only known where you were in Atlantic, we could have handed the camera right to you. Winnie didn't think quickly enough to ask you over the 'phone where you were stopping. We rode up Atlantic Ave. & down Pacific, then got out & went over on the boardwalk in front of the Hotel Esplanade. It was raining hard all the time. Arrived at Montclair at 5:45 p.m. after a 197 mile drive. Had a nice visit there, then started out in the rain Wednesday morning for home. A beautiful ride up through Tarrytown, Danbury, Waterbury, & Cromwell, about 160 miles. We registered 730 miles for the trip. A fine trip and a very pleasant wedding, which we all enjoyed.

I have the presents displayed on the table in Lucinthia's room, & they look fine.

Aunt Elizabeth has been up & spent the day. Raymond & Eleanor are in Litchfield for a week. I have talked my head off, telling everyone about the wedding, as, of course, each one wanted to hear the same story, the all-absorbing topic of the week.

Hope you are having a happy time and lots of love,

Shall I say just[underlined] where you are or not? I told Aunt E. today that you were in N.H. A registered letter came for Eva today from P-ville Trust Co. but I presume it is to be kept here until you return.

Lucinthia got into N.Y. at 1:30 A.M. & Ralph to Waterbury at 7 A.M. caught the Federal Express. I brought home your wedding book, which lay right there with the camera. I have saved out a piece of wedding cake for you, and I will give the family a taste around out of the rest. I left enough with Miss Tolbert for what Eva wanted sent.

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