The Savage / Butler Homestead, Cromwell CT

Savage Homestead circa 1885.

The Savage / Butler Homestead of Cromwell CT was build for Absalom Savage and his wife Sally Wilcox Savage in 1806. After Sally's death it passed to their son Ralph Bulkley Savage. On Ralph's death in 1887 the house went to his unmarried daughters. It was first used by the Butler family when his daughter Carrie Augusta Savage and her husband George Sylvester Butler lived here, though still owned at the time by Carrie's older sisters Sarah and Lucy. On the deaths of the two sisters, the house was left to the three children of Carrie and George. Their son, Sylvester Benjamin Butler, bought it from his two siblings and in the summer of 1956 his son Sewall Tolbert Butler, his wife Jacqueline and their five children moved in. In February, 2001 the house was purchased by Sewall's son David, though Sewall and his sister-in-law Jean Williams continued to live there. In April 2006 David and his wife Ruby moved into the homestead and began renovations.

Visit the Homestead:

The Homestead on its 100th anniversary

The Homestead's 200th anniversary reunion

An Aerial view of the Homestead circa 1936 and scene from Hurricane 1938

The Homestead through the years

The Homestead changes hands, February 2001

Rebuilding the barn

Around the Homestead

200th Birthday renovations

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