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Rebuilding the barn at the Savage/Butler Homestead

September/October 2003

Ruby in front of barn, first phase of demolition

David working on the roof and siding.

Salvaging the floor planks

Mechanized demolition. Oct. 2003

January 6, 2004

Concrete form work begins on January 6th.

A bitter looking day for concrete work.

April 2004

Construction begins.

The first floor is quickly going up.

Dad and Aunt Jean take a peak at the construction work.

Kirt and his automatic screw gun.

Starting to take shape.

A view from down back.


Sibling rivalry knows no age limits.

Roof is ready to be shingled.

David with Bob Vess (see Bob Vess Building)

Starting to add the siding.

Concrete floor going in.

The finished barn, just awaiting paint.

See photos of the old barns

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