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The Homestead, December 2008

The Savage/Butler Homestead, May 2006

The homestead, in its 200th year.

The Savage/Butler Homestead, March 2000

The homestead, Six years shy of its 200th birthday.

The Savage/Butler Homestead, 1902

The homestead, 4 years shy of its 100th birthday.

The Homestead 1885

George P. Savage and Cary Savage sit in a horse and carriage. Ralph Bulkley Savage stands beside the original entry to the homestead.

George P. Savage in sleigh, circa 1910. The original barn is visible on the left. It was partially destroyed in a hurricaine in 1938.

Same scene, 2001. The barn (left) got smaller after the 1938 hurricane and the garage grew bigger. See the construction of the new barn.

Same scene 2006. The barn was rebuilt and both it and the garage have been painted,

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