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Renovations: Tree work

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Before work starts here is a shot showing "Gramp's" Maple tree (left of center by spruce tree). He refers to the tree in a story about the homestead he wrote in 1906. He also mentions the horse chestnut tree that is right of center.

I chose the view above because we have this photo shot from the same angle in 1947. The spruce is quite a bit smaller but the maple looks almost as big as in the first photo. Gramp, Mom, Sue, Dad and Jackie can be seen on the left side of the picture.

Unfortunately the Maple tree was seriously compromised and needed to be cut down. We hired Bartlett's Tree service to take down 3 trees and prune 3 others.

Here they are pruning the maple tree that is south of the house up by Main St. It was impressive watching him swing from branch to branch.

Here work has started on pruning the chestnut tree. Sue came and Jackie brought Dad up and we ate lunch and watched the crew work over the chestmut.

The main trunk of the old maple is in the truck bed and they are working on putting in this other huge chunk of tree.

They are using a bucket loader and winch to lift the tree chunk.

Barney grinds the stump and it is almost as if the tree was never there.

Second tree to come down is a near dead elm between us and the church.

Third tree coming down is the "Shad-Blow" tree by the ramp. This tree (or one like it) is also mentioned in Gramp's 1906 story.

Both the maple and shad-blow trees are gone..

Chestnut tree and most of the chips from the two days of work.

The back side of the chip pile and for those with keen eye-sight you can see the chips I have moved down behind the barn and along the grape vines.

Here is the cleaned up view from out front.

The elm on the far left and the maple next to it, after thir hair cuts.

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