Gallery Walk: Edward Williams and family

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Gladys and Edward with son

Gladys House Williams, Edward IV, and Edward H. Williams III. probably Minersville PA. 1915.

Williams children, circa 1920

Jackie, Jean and Ned Williams, circa 1920.

Williams and Bliss children, 1924

Susanne Bliss, C. Richard Williams, Richard Bliss, Jackie and Jean Williams, Robert Bliss (Summer 1924)

Williams children, 1931

Jackie, Jean and Dick (C, Richard) Williams, Woodstock, VT. circa 1931

Williams and House families, 1939

Williams and House families, 1939. Orient, Long Island, NY. Back row: Edward and Gladys Williams, Ruth House, Benjamin and Ethel Bliss. Middle: Grace, Ann, Susan, Florence House, Jean Williams. Front: Charles House, Jackie and Ned Williams