Gallery Walk: Sewall Butler family

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5 Butler children 1954

Possibly first picture or all 5 Butler children. Woodstock, VT. Summer 1954.

Back: Jackie, Susan, Tol, Front: Nathan, David

5 Butler children 1956

Butler kids with Cousin Emily Strickland. Glastonbury, CT. Summer 1956.

Back: Jacqueline A. Butler, Tolbert, Susan
Front: David, Cousin Emily, Nathan

Butler and Williams family

Butler and Williams family in Orient Pt. Long Island. Summer 1956.

Back: Jean Williams, Edward Williams, Nathan, Gladys Williams, Susan, David.
Front: Jacqueline W. Butler, Tolbert, Jacqueline A. Butler

Butler family, Cromwell CT. March 1958.

Susan, Nathan, Sewall, Jacqueline W. Butler, Tolbert, Jacqueline A. Butler, David

Butler family 1963

Susan Butler's High School graduation day June 1963. Cromwell, CT.

Backrow: Sylvester Butler, Eva Butler, Sewall Butler, Gladys Williams, Edward Williams, Nathan Butler.
Frontrow: David Butler, Susan Butler, Jacqueline Butler, Tolbert Butler

Butler family 1993
Jackie and Sewall's 50th Anniversary. July 26th 1993, Middlefield CT.

Nathan, Jackie, Tolbert, Jackie, Sewall, David & Susan.