Gallery Walk: SBButler and fellow officers in France

See also: S.B.Butler's AEF Scrapbook

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Officers of 301st Supply Train. Orval France

Left to Right:

1st Lieut. Lucian Taylor, (Co. E); 2nd Lieut. Raymond G. Daly, (Co. D); 1st Lieut. Donald C. Fitts, (2nd.Co. C); 1st Lieut. John W. Achorn, (Co. E); 1st Lieut. John L.Fox, (Co. B); 1st Lieut. Frederick Leviseur, (HQ Co.); Capt. Sylvester B. Butler, (HQ Co.); 1st Lieut. James T. Greene, (Co. D); 1st Lieut. Arthur H. Anderson, (2nd.Co. A); 1st Lieut. Dexter (Deac) Spalding, (Co. F); Major William (Pop) June (Commanding Officer); Capt. LeClare Stuart, MD, (Medical Detachment)

The place is the Motor park built by the 301st Supply Train at St. Amand-Montrond France (Actually across the Cher river in the town of Orval). The date must be October, 1918.

A full listing of the officers, and men of the Supply Train see S.B.Butler's AEF Scrapbook.

Butler and Spaulding

Captain Sylvester Butler and Lieutenant Dexter Spaulding. Orval France
Captain Sylvester Butler and 1st Lieutenant Dexter Spalding look out of their new quarters in Orval, France. October 1918.

Insignia of the 301st Supply train.

Insignia of the 301st Supply train

These are quite likely early insignia when they were still considered part of the infantry. (Shown approximately life size)

La Société des 40 hommes et 8 chevaux

Many of Sylvester Butler's travels in France were on trains where the men were carried in cars bearing the inscription "40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux" (40 men and 8 horses). He writes about it in at least two of his letters. After the war he became a member of the American Legion and through that organization he became a member of "La Société des 40 hommes et 8 chevaux" which appears to be mainly a charitable fund. On the back it states: "Payment of $1.50 . The national dues in La Société des 40 hommes et 8 chevaux is hearby acknowledged. Fifty cents of which is for Child Welfare work and fifty cents of which is for years subscription to the Forty and Eighter."

40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux - front

40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux - back