Jesse Williams Family

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 Jesse Williams

b. 6/14/1761 d. 6/27/1842

 Hannah Palmer

b. 4/1/1769 d. 1837

married: 10/3/1790
Norman Williams b. 10/6/1791

Family Notes

Jesse Williams was the father of Norman Williams. As a 16 year old merchant apprentice, Jesse had driven oxcart loads of provisions from Mansfield CT, to supply George Washington's army at Dorchester Massachusetts. His father Phinehas, was already settled at Woodstock. After the American Revolution Jesse brought his first two oxcart loads of axes, needles, cloth and other "down country" necessities; becoming Woodstock's first merchant. He was a probate judge. Below is a document signed by him declining their offer to re-appoint him Chief Justice of Windsor County Vermont. Dated November 2, 1803.