Eliphalet Wilcox Family

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Eliphalet Wilcox

b: Aug. 30,1761, d: 1839

Abigail Shepard

b: 1765, d: May 1819

married: Nov. 18, 1784 

Sally b: Sept. 6, 1785 - 1834
Eben b:1788 - 1825 (married Lucretia Mildrum, Feb. 3, 1813)
Abigail b: Feb. 24, 1797 - 1819 (married William C. Redfield, Oct. 15, 1814)

Family Notes

Eliphalet married Eunice Tennant (widow of Shadrack (Asahel?) Robinson) in 1825.

He was a successful farmer in the way that farming was then carried on, frugal and careful, but respected by the whole community for his unswerving integrity. His land consisted of about a hundred acres. Part of it extending eastward toward the river, and part of it woodland on the dry plains, a mile or two northwest of the village.

He shipped from New London, CT as a cabin boy on an American privateer at the beginning of the Revolution. The ship took several prizes but was then itself captured and the crew taken to England.