Kate Butler Warner Family

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Chauncey & Kate

George, Willis

Family Information

Kate Butler (b.1858, d. June 12, 1937)
Chauncey Warner. (b. 1852, d. 1919)

Married: circa 1878

George Marvin Warner: born circa 1880 (married Ruth Wheeler)
Willis Chauncey Warner: born 1882. (married Martha Lucke)

Descendants of Chauncey Warner & Kate Butler Warner

Photo Album

Kate Butler Warner. And Kate with sons George and Willis, circa 1890.

Butler and Warner families: circa 1922.

Kate Butler Warner

Warner family 2004 in Vancouver, Washington. In front is mother, Dorothy who will be 84 in September 2004, the brothers and sisters go in the following order of oldest to youngest. Dan born in 1947, Debbie in 1951, Denise in 1952, David in 1954 and the youngest Doug in 1962.