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Sewall T. Butler's ships 1942 to 1946

Here is a record of sorts of Dad's trips during WWII. I've interspersed a few other key dates between his tours and I'd like to add some more detail to some of the later trips..

Date Name of Ship Notes Rank / Position
February 1942 "City Service Ohio" From New York down Atlantic Coast to Texas City, Texas and back to NY. Carrying Oil. Wiper man
March 1942 "City Service Ohio" New York to New Orleans for a crew change then to Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo to pick up molasses back to New Orleans. Left ship and took a train back New York Wiper man
May to August 1942 "SS Kofresi" New York to England in a convoy carrying general cargo. On the way back they were hit by a hurricane. Had to pump in water to use as ballast since the ship was riding without cargo. . Fireman-Water tender
September 1, 1942   Article written about his adventures in the New London Day  
October 1942 - March 1943 "Robin Adair" New York to Panama Canal down coast of South America over to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. General cargo. Fireman-Water tender.
July 26, 1943   Married Jacqueline Williams in Woodstock, VT.  
September, 1943  "Felix Grundy" At Savannah Georgia. A document on Ancestry.com shows him on the list of sailors.  
Late 1943 "Gabrielle Franchire" New York to North Africa in a convoy. General cargo. Fireman-Water tender.
December 1943 to April 1944   Officer Candidate School at Fort Trumbull, New London. Obtaining the rank of Lieutenant JG (Junior Grade).  
April 28, 1944   daughter Jacqueline born  
late-May to Oct.1944 "Edmund C. Hurley" New York by Convoy to North Africa (Oran Algeria). They came through the straights of Gibraltar on D-Day. To ?? Italy to rested in Naples Italy to St Tropez (on D-17) carrying cargo and North African French troops (with their sheep and livestock) back to Oran then back to States. rank of Ensign, 3rd Engineer.
May to October 1945 "William Eaton" Sailed from New York. Was in India, Brazil, Brittish West Indies  
June 17, 1945.   In the Red Sea when daughter Susan was born  
November 1945 to January 1946 "Edmund Fanning" Sailed from New York to Georgia then to England