Susan B. Czaja Family

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Ken. Sue,

Dan & Andy

Family Information

Susan Butler Czaja: born June 17
Ken Czaja: Born October 27

Married: September 2, 1972

Dan: born September 10, 1974
Andy: born June 7, 1976

Ken Czaja's family can only trace back as far as his great grandparents, who lived in what is now Southern Poland just below Krakow near the Carpathian Mountains, but at the time was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and called Galicia. There are several Czaja families here in the Connecticut River Valley, and quite a few in the Chicago area, which is the other place they immigrated to at the turn of the century. His Grandfather was born in Niewodna, and his Grandmother was born in Mielec.

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Susan and Ken's Wedding (9/72): Jacqueline Butler Rabideau, Sewall T. Butler, Susan Butler Czaja, Brett Michelle Rabideau (flower girl), Ken Czaja, Rev. Edward H. Williams IV, John Schukoske, Jean Williams.

Czaja family May, 1996. Dan's Graduation