Francis Absalom Savage Family

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Francis (Frank) Absalom Savage

b. January 26, 1853 d: March 9, 1939

Kate Crumbie

b: 1858 d: March 21, 1900

married: Febuary 4, 1879


Roy C. (1879 - 1879)
Harry (also spelt Harley) Ralph (1882 - 1887)
Dean Francis (1884 - 1899)
Maybelle Irene (1888 - 1906)
Eunice Strictland (1890 - 1890)
Robert Earl (1893 - 1959) (married Beatrice Ervin)
Francis Absalom b: 1900 (died March 21, 1900)

Frank Savage family. They had a couple more kids. Harley Ralph, the oldest son had already died, there may have been an older girl who had died as a baby, and a younger son who died at less than a week along with his mother Kate. They were buried together. The oldest boy here, Dean, died a couple years after his mother, and Mabel died a few years after that. Young Robert was the only one to grow to be an adult and marry.

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