Charles Cassee Savage Family

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Charles Cassee Savage

born July 4, 1820, died Nov. 9, 1907

Maria Crane Savage
married: May 10, 1843


Jennie C. Savage born: 11/3/1856 (married Jesse F. Forbes)
Charles Dunham Savage
George Savage

Charles Cassee Savage

From unnamed and undated newspaper obituary.

Charles C. Savage, for twenty-five years president oof the De Milt Dispensary and a director and ex-president of Roosevelt Hospital, died last night at the home of his son-in-law, Dr. Jesse F. Forbes. No. 103 East 29th Street. Mr. Savage was born in Cromwell, Conn. eighty-eight years ago. He came to New York when he was fourteen years old and entered the printing trade. He became a publisher and wrote several books and contributed to the daily press until a few years ago. Mr Savage was a friend of Horace Greeley. For many years president of the New York Typographical Society, he was a member of the printers' committee which presented the statue of Benjamin Franklyn in Printing House Square to the city. Mr Savage was a member and chaplain of the old guard of the 12th Regiment and an elder of the Adams Memorial Presbyterian Church, in East 30th Street. He was prominent in the New York Presbytery and served several times as a delegate to the General Assembly.

In 1853 Mr. Savage became a director of the De Milt dispensory and in 1898 was elected president of the Roosevelt Hospital. After serving seven years he resigned as president but remained a director. He was the author of several books on the improvement of the condition of the poor - a subject in which he was interested all his life. The district of Savage Basin, Col., was named in his honor. Mr. Savage leaves one daughter, Mrs. Jesse F. Forbes, wife of the pastor of the Adams Memorial Church, and a brother, the Rev. Doctor George S. F. Savage, of Chicago. The funeral services will be held at the Adams Memorial Presbyterian Church on Monday, at 8 pm.