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Deacon Richard Butler

b. about 1608. d. Aug. 6, 1684

Elizabeth Bigelow

b. about 1606 d. Sept. 11, 1691.

married twice: no dates

Children by Elizabeth Bigelow

Mary: 1635 - 1690 (married 1659 Samual Wright)
Thomas: 1637 - 1688 (married Sarah Stone)
Samual: 1639 (married Elizabeth Olmstead ?)
Nathanial: 1641 (married Sarah)
Elizabeth: 1643 (married (1) Nehemiah Olmestead (2) Obediah Gilbert)
Joseph: 1648 (married (1) Mary Goodrich (2) Mary Bushnell
Daniel: (married Mabel Olmstead ?)

Family Notes

Deacon Richard Butler came to this country in 1633 from Braintree Co. Essex, England. (Old family papers say he came from Kelvedon). Became a freeman in Cambridge, MA, May 14, 1634. He and his brother William came to Hartford with Rev. Thomas Hooker (The Braintree Group) in 1636. One account says that he came to Hartford mourning the death of a wife and infant. He was one of the original proprietors and his name is on the monument in the Cemetary of the First Church. He received 16 acres in the first division. He was Deacon of the First Church, Grand Juror, Selectman, Deputy to the General Court, Clerk to the General Court. (Col. Rec. I, 313-315, 346)

Deacon Richard's home in Hartford was on the south side of the Little River, on the corner where the road from George Steele's intersected the road from the mills to the country. He also owned a homelot and other lands in Wethersfield. (See his Will below)

Probate records show death in Hartford, CT. Center Church records indicate burial in "Old Burying Ground" on Gold St., near Center Church, Hartford. The inventory of his estate amounted to a value of 684-15-00 Pounds.

Elizabeth Bigelow Butler's date of death was listed on my grandmothers records as 1656-7? and a note above it with the 1691 date. (See Source document below). However Elizabeth is mentioned in Deacon Richard's will of 1672 as well as her own will dated December 1691. Elizabeth's father was Randall Bigelow (Spelt Baugley in some documents) (born 1578 in Wrentham, Suffolk, England. He died 17 May 1626 in Wrentham, and was buried 17 May 1626. His wife was Jane (born 1582) in Wrentham, She died 1 May 1626 in Wrentham and was buried 17 May 1626.

Additional information for Richard Butler found on Butler Society website:

Said to have sailed to America on the ship Hector in 1632 with his brother William, leaving two sisters in Essex. One sister, Jane, married a "West" and the other married a "Winter". Richard's brother William died in Hartford in 1648, the two sisters are mentioned in his will.
Richard's parents are believed to have been Stephen (born about 1580 in Braintree) and Mary; and Stephen's father, John (born about 1550), by some accounts Stephen died in Hartford CT.

Will of Deacon Richard Butler

April 2, 1677

Know all men whom it may concerne that I Richard Butler of Hartford upon the Connecticut river being of bodily health and of sound and perfect memory doe make and ordayne this my last will and testiment in forme and manner as followeth

Imprimis --

I doe give to my sonne Thomas Butler my uper lot in the longe meddow.

I doe give to my sonne Samuel all my meadow land in Wethersfield meadow

I doe give to Nathaniel my sonne my meddow lot neare the long meddow gate

I doe give to Joseph Butler my sonne all my land in the south meddow.

I doe give to my sonne Daniel Butler my now dwelling house with all apurtenances of buildings and grounds about it and also I do give to my sonne Daniel my lot commonly caled ten-acres. I do give my 3 daughters Mary Wright, Elizabeth Olmstead and Hanah Greene twentie shillings apece (to be payed out of my moveable estate by my present wife Elizabeth whom I appoint my executrix to this my last will.

Also it is my will that none of these children aforesaid doe possess or enjoy any of these lands or aught else mentioned, but with the consent of death or change of the mother's condition. That is by marrying againe. But if my wife Elizabeth Butler should change her condition and marry agtaine then my will is that all aforesaid sonnes and daughters dp possess every one his legacy and wife only the thirds and for the rest of the chattels and hoursehold goods I give them all to my wife provided as aforesayd she continues in widowhood but if she marry againe then to take the thirds of all as of the house and lands so chattels and household stuff and the rest equally to be divided amonge my children afore mentioned and there may be divers willes extant that I have written with my own hand yet this my last and shall stand Written with my owne hand.

Richard Butler

April 2, 1677 ---- (I also appoint my two sonnes Thomas and Samual Butler to be my overseers of this my last will ---) (my will also is that my daughter Mary Wright shal have one feather bed after her mother's decease)


Samual Wright
Samual Butler

Sworn in Court & accepted with 5 above written interlinings.

J. Talcott. C.C.

Copied from Ancient Wethersfield, II 171-172 by Eva L. Butler.

Source Document

Scan of document by Eva L. Butler from her Geneology notebook