John Savage Family

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John Savage

d. March 6, 1685

Elizabeth Dubbin

married: February 10. 1652 

John 1652 - 1726
Elizabeth 1655 - ? (married Deacon Nathanial White)
Sarah 1657 - 1723 (married Israel Wilcox 1678)
Thomas 1659 - 1659
Hannah 1661 - 1661
Mary 1663 - ? (married (1)John Whitmore, (2) Obidiah Allen)
Abigail 1666 - ? (married Edward Shepard)
William 1668 - ? (mariied (1) Christian Mould, (2) Elizabeth Whitmore (Clark)
Nathanial 1673 - ? (married Esther Ranney 1697)
Rachel 1674 - ? (married (1) John Spinning, (2) Thomas Hall)
Hannah 1675 - ? (married Samuel Dod of Guilford)

Family Notes

John Savage was an original settler of Middletown Upper Houses (later named Cromwell) Connecticut. His name is seventh on list of members who organized the First Congregational Church of Middletown. He held the military rank of Sergeant.

On an early map of the Upper Houses his property is shown as being on the south side of South Street, where it meets River Road, which at that time was the main road to Middletown. He owned just over 1200 acres. He is buried in the old cemetery (also known as the Riverside cemetery) lying next to the Connecicut River. Apparently, of all the founders, only Nathanial White and David Sage have headstones.

On his will dated Nov. 22, 1684, he signed his name John Savidg

The CromwellButler's are related to at least four of John and Elizabeth's children as shown in the following chart.