Jonathan Butler Family

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Jonathan Butler

baptised July 14, 1700. d. Mar. 30, 1760

Temperance Lee Buckingham

b. 1708

married: Dec. 18, 1726
Elnathan April 18, 1728
Jonathan March 28, 1730. Married 1754 Mary Wheadon?
Stephen Feb 26, 1732
Ezekial April 12, 1734. Married Mabel Jones
Temperance Mar 24, 1737
John (settled in Branford, CT)
Charles (settled in Branford, CT)
(w) Anne
(w) Sarah
(w) Hester

Family Notes

Lived in Saybrooke. Jonathan Butler Deputy to Assembly July 1740.
Jonathan elected Ensign of the Train Band. District of Guilford 1737
Court of Probate, Temperance Lee Butler made administrator before Oct, 1760.

(w)'s in front of the last 3 children were copied from a page in a notebook by Eva L. Butler. I do not what they signify.