Augustine Samual Bemis Family

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Augustine & Ophelia Bemis


Family Information

Augustine Samual Bemis: born October 20, 1816, died May 30, 1896
Ophelia Leland Bemis: born February 14, 1818, died December 1907

Married: May 17, 1843 (Holliston, Mass)

1. Mary Alice Bemis b. 16 May 1844. Married Charles Payne Thayer, MD, who practiced medicine in Northfield and Burlington, Vermont. Great Grandma Jennie had "weak" lungs and her much older brother-in-law treated her and she apparently lived with them summers up on Lake Champlain for the good air. It was there that she met the son of his partner, Dr. E.H. Williams.

2. Augustine Samual Bemis, Jr. b.1846 d. 1848

3. Amory Leland Bemis b.1849 died 1854

4. Ophelia Marie Bemis b.13 August 1851(called Lelia by her small sister Jennie)
m. George Conant They had three sons (Malcolm, George & Leon).

5. Annie Louise Bemis b.5 August 1853
married Roderick Richardson and had two daughters
Madeline m. Morton Hare, lived in Chicago, and had 2 children (Marjorie and Morton)
Marjorie married a man named Long and had 2 children (Madeline and Norman)
E. H. Wiliams IV remembers meeting their children one summer when he was young.

6. Ella Frances Bemis b. 25 June 1856 d. 1918
m. Dr. Eugene Wilhelm (called Uncle Doctor, and his "brown mixture" was used for sore throats. They lived in the Boston area and had Pauline in 1893 (she had polio as a youngster and walked with a cane) Pauline was Uncle Ned's (E. H. Wiliams IV) Godmother.

7. Jennie Olive Bemis b. April 2, 1861