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Letters Nathaniel Savage Jr. to George S. F. Savage

[A letter to nephew George Slocum Folger Savage. On page two he confirms that his father had been a prisoner on the Brittish prison ship, "Jersey," at Throgg's Neck New York.]

June 23, 1880

An attempt at transcribing the letter...

June 23rd, '80

Dear Nephew,
I received your letter of June 15 in which [you] informed me that sister Lucy death occurred on [the ninth?] aged about 90 years. She was born in August 1790 and that I was in 93 [??] is a mistake. It was in 1794 in January. My health is very good so that I walk into the village almost daily, yet I have some trouble with a [breach/breath] so that [??] without pain. I also use glasses. Can see to read the print but am somewhat deaf. I have but little land which let out except the garden and orchard.

You enquire respecting the Savage family of my grandfather. Father said his Lemuel when heard was in Philadelphia. That was all he knew of him. My father said he was a prisoner five times in the revolution. One a prisoner one year on board the Jersey Prison ship and that he left and crossed the ice on Throg's Neck in the winter of '80, one [hundred?] years ago in 1780. With respect to the [Jeanot? I cannot?] from any thing with to the of your enquires.

My wife has fall from health but my granddaughter has most of the work to do.

Give my to your wife and family and yourself and all who may enquire.

Yours etc,
Nathaniel Savage

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