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Finding the Castine Maine house

I found this lease among Mom and Dad's things while cleaning the attic last year. I contacted the local museum and asked if they could give me any more information based on the lease. They contacted me a few days ago and asked if I was still interested and when I said yes, they sent me several images (front and back).

Composite image of house from movie frames

Looking away from town from porch

Looking towards town from porch


Of all the images they sent, this one seemed to hold the most promise. I'm hoping Jackie or Sue might recognize it. The other images can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Partial email thread from Jules Thomson

I'm attaching a link to six possible photos I found in our Perkins Street folders, showing what seems to mostly be the same house on Perkins street referred to variously as the Hosmer-Grindle-Pott house, and sometimes also confusingly as the Hatch-Grindle. Do any of those look familiar? Front and back of the photos are included in order and hopefully self-explanatory.


There is also evidence that a "Grindle Cottage" on the southwest end of Perkins was used as a hotel, see the attached 1912 Canadian Pacific Railway brochure page listing hotels and boarding houses in Castine. This also appears on a pre/post Civil War map online (unsure of the provenance of this...) which shows a as a postwar property called Grindle Cottage between the present day Wilson museum and Dyce Head Light. I'm not sure if this is the same one referenced in the photos or not. Unfortunately most of the older maps in our collections don't include the far southwestern end of Perkins, which seems to have been mostly open land before the mid 1800s.

I do also think, having just walked down Perkins street, that the house in the (majority of the) photos is not the same as the "Grindle Cottage", which seems to have been further up toward Dice Head - the Perkins St. Grindle "House" was closer to town.

Jules Thomson
Collections Manager
Castine Historical Society
PO Box 238
Castine, ME 04421

Map of Castine

Best guess is the house sat east of Fort Madison, possibly next to the current house at 67 Perkins Street.

Other Perkins Street photos

Jules also found another house called Grindle House closer in to town.