Listed by date of birth.

Parson John House
born 1564, Cossington, Leicestershire, England

Lt. Nathaniel Savage. American Revolution Prisoner of War
born October 27, 1745, Middletown Upper Houses (now Cromwell) CT

Benjamin Butler. and the French Spoliation claims
born January 5, 1751, Wethersfield, CT

Absalom Savage
born: November 1, 1781, Middletown Upper Houses (now Cromwell) CT

Ralph Bulkley Savage
born: September 10, 1812, Cromwell CT

Dr. Edward Higginson Williams
born June 1, 1824, Woodstock, VT

Prof. Edward H. Williams Jr.
born September 30, 1849, Proctorsville, VT

George Sylvester Butler
born March 20, 1866, Cromwell, CT

Edward H. Williams III
born June 18, 1889, Bethlehem, PA

Sylvester Benjamin Butler
born July 26, 1892, Cromwell, CT

Eva Lutz Butler
born November 13, 1897, Pleasantville, NJ

Rev. Edward H. Williams IV
born March 20, 1915, Bethlehem, PA

Jacqueline Williams Butler
born March 16, 1919. Minersville, PA

Sewall and Jackie Butler
Married July 26, 1943 in Woodstock, VT

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