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S.B.Butler's AEF Scrapbook: Plattsburg Officers Training Corps

From his letters we find that Candidate Butler was in two squads during his training. Two members of the first squad (Church and Short) were also in the second. Based on a signed picture, we have assigned a couple names to men in the photos. See letters mentioning these men: May 20, 1917, June 17-24, 1917 and announcement below.

Company 4, New England Regiment (First squad). S.B.Butler is second from left in back. James Moody is on the right in back. Candidate L. Short is in Front on left and Joseph Church is on the right in front.

Second squad: S.B.Butler is far left, back row. The picture is signed by each member of the squad without further indication of who is who. J. Church is probably in back on right, L. Short in front on right.

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Excerpt from a news article listing members of the New England Regiment who had won Commisions. I have only included the 4th Company, whose members include: Kenric Bird, Sylvester Butler, Edmund Clune, John Conners, Ralph Gabriel, James Moody and Howard Smith. The appointments are mentioned in the August 10-13, 1917 letters. The article only lists men from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, which is why all names of his squad are not shown.

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