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S.B.Butler's AEF Scrapbook:
Medical Detachment of the 301st Supply Train


Commanding officer

Capt. Stuart
Captain LeClare Stuart M.D.


Ahearn Edmund Private Manchester, NH
Bishop MD Franklin Captain Leicester, MA
Brumagin Louis E Private Mayville, NY
Ferguson Edgar S Private Worcester, MA
Fero Victor Private Elmira, NY
Finnigan Henry F Sergeant Milford, MA
Hardegree Dr 1st Lieutenant  
Olund E Edmund Private 1st Class Worcester, MA
Patterson Dr Captain  
Pierce William L Private Boston, MA
Power William F Private Worcester, MA
Prendergast Arthur J Private Allston, MA
Smith Charles L Sergeant Chatham, MA
Stuart MD LeClare Captain Rome, NY

Company Briefs

The Medical Detachment was organized in May 1918 at Camp Devons, Mass. It consisted of a Captain and ten enlisted men. They trained at Devons with Headquarters Trains and Military Police detachments. After arriving in St. Amand they set up their infirmary on August 6. Two men were on duty at all times.

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