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S.B.Butler's AEF Scrapbook:
Company E of the 301st Supply Train

Company E at Fort Devens, Mass


Commanding officer(s)

Lieutenant John W. Achorn
(September 1917 to November 1918)

Lieutenant Lucian Taylor
(December 1918 to June 1919)


Achorn John W Lieutenant Leominster, MA
Ahearn Hugh Private North Chelmsford, MA
Ahearn Joseph Corporal Lowell, MA
Andrews Jesse A Corporal New Bedford, MA
Ashley Karl J Corporal Berkeley. MA
Balamoutis William E Private 1st class Norwood, MA
Barrieau Antoine Private  
Bassett Elmer L V Corporal Harwich, MA
Beaudry Placide N Corporal Auburn, ME
Bechard Hermandis Private Dedham, MA
Becherer Lewis H Private Lowell, MA
Beliveau Rodolphe Corporal Fall River, MA
Blakeney George H Private Dedham, MA
Bolles Harold E Private 1st class Wellesley Hills, MA
Bonarrigo Nunzio Corporal Roxbury, MA
Boomer James M Corporal (was a private in Co. A) New Bedford, MA
Bowman William F Private  
Boyle James Clark Cook Weymouth, MA
Campbell Allyn R Corporal Northboro, MA
Cardin Joseph Corporal Fall River, MA
Cartier Peter Corporal Lowell, MA
Charette Arthur J Corporal Boston, MA
Chilandese Peter Cook Troy, NY
Clements Alfonso D Private 1st Class Reform, AL
Clinton Harry H Sergeant (later 2nd Lt MTC) East Walpole, MA
Cloutier Walter F Private Lewiston, ME
Colburn Sidney Corporal Westwood, MA
Corcoran Harold L Private  
Crowell Uriah B F Corporal West Dennis, MA
Crowley James A Corporal Fall River, MA
Danue Allie F Corporal Attleboro, MA
Daudelin John H Corporal Fall River, MA
Davis Earl N Private 1st class Pittsfield, VT
DeBetticourt John J Corporal Oak Bluffs, MA
Delaney Robert E Corporal (died of influenza at Le Havre) Fall River, MA
DeSalvo Paul Corporal Quincy, MA
Donovan Louis A Sergeant Fall River, MA
Driscoll Joseph A    
Duckworth George A Corporal Webster, MA
Dwyer John L Sergeant 1st class Rockwell, MA
Ellis George M Sergeant Westwood, MA
Emberson Thomas G Private Fairhaven, MA
Emond John Private Taunton, MA
Farrell Edward J Corporal Fall River, MA
Fitzpatrick Lawrence B Corporal Newton Lower Falls, MA
Ford Michael E Private Allston, MA
Fredette Rosario J Corporal Attleboro, MA
Fresco Theodore Private 1st class  
Gallagher Joseph Corporal Somerset, MA
Georke Martin C Private 1st class  
Gorman William R Corporal Hingham, MA
Grace Vincent J Private (later 2nd Lt Inf) New Bedford, MA
Green Clifton F Corporal Cavendish, VT
Greenleaf Samual Corporal Boston, MA
Hackett John W Private Onset, MA
Haley Frank Private Middleboro, MA
Harrington Charles J Sergeant Fall River, MA
Harrington Henry A Private 1st class Fairhaven, MA
Haughland John Richard Corporal Dorchester, MA
Hemingway Joseph F Corporal New Bedford, MA
Hendrickson John A Corporal Gloucester, MA
Ingram Chester W Private 1st class Springfield, MA
Kennedy Thomas H Corporal Fall River, MA
LePage Ernest J Private Fall River, MA
Levy David Private Lowell, MA
Livsey Joseph Private Fall River, MA
McCullough Herbert G Private 1st class Brockton, MA
McKnight John A Corporal Fall River, MA
Mooney James E Private Framingham, MA
Murphy William J Sergeant Fall River, MA
Nelson Sextus B Corporal East Longmeadow, MA
Niklason Arthur J Private North Easton, MA
Norden Charles E H Private 1st class Everett, MA
Norwood Earle E Private 1st class Whistler, AL
Noyes William W Sergeant Brockton, MA
O'Brien Jr William F Sergeant 1st class Fitchburg, MA
O'Day Harry Cook  
O'Hara James P Private Fall River, MA
Patts Michael J Private Matapan, MA
Pierce William J Private East Boston, MA
Poff Charles W Private 1st class Charleston, WV
Purpura Frank A Corporal Dorchester, MA
Staples James C Private White River Jct. VT
Taylor Lucian Lieutenant Minneapolis, MN
Volger Albert A Private Wheeling, WV
Wall Edward R Corporal (died of influenza at Le Havre) Chelsea, MA
Welsh John F Sergeant East Boston, MA

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