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S.B.Butler's AEF Scrapbook:
Second Company C of the 301st Supply Train


Commanding officer(s)

Lt. Fitts

Lieutenant Donald C. Fitts


Ballard Alphonse A Cook Gilbertville, MA
Cannon Thomas M Corporal Stoneham, MA
Casey Stephan Corporal East Millinocket, ME
Childs Charles E Sergeant Pittsfield, MA
Clark Harry P Sergeant Hartford, CT
Cooper Cecil L Private 1st Class Parkersburg, WV
Cornell James E Private 1st class St. Mary's, WV
Coughlan John S Sergeant 1st Class Watertown, MA
Cummings John P Private 1st class Parkersburg, WV
Darbe Edison Corporal Lee, MA
Davis George T Private 1st class Huntington, WV
Davis Harvey T Corporal Charleston, WV
Daywalt Henry W Corporal Mondamin, IA
Desillier Adrian J Corporal  
Duffy Edward L Corporal Newtown, MA
Dumire Newton L Corporal (died of influenza at Le Havre) Buchanan, WV
Engel John Sergeant Holyoke, MA
Eschelman Howard D Corporal Persia, IA
Estlin William F Corporal South Orleans, MA
Evans Charles B Corporal Union City, IN
Evans Russell M Corporal Charleston, WV
Fitts Donald C Lieutenant Northamton, MA
Grimes Cecil A Corporal Ridgeley, WV
Grubel Charles Corporal Sioux City, IA
Hamric E Staley Corporal Grantsville, WV
Hanaw Milton V Corporal Mobile, AL
Handy Ralph E Sergeant Falmouth, MA
Hardaway Griffen A Private 1st class Greene Co., IA
Hewitt Clifford E Private 1st class Parkersburg, WV
Huckabee Edwin T Corporal Bennettsville, SC
Jacobs Conrad H Private Philidelphia, PA
Johnson John W Corporal Roanoke, VA
Jones James L Private  
Joyce Francis M Private  
Judson Ray A Sergeant Fairhaven, MA
Keefe Edward L Sergeant Northamton, MA
Killeen James J Private Clarksburg, WV
Killeen Raymond T Private Clarksburg, WV
LeBlanc Leo C Corporal Avon, MA
Lemons Arthur P Corporal Sinks Grove, WV
Lollis Demetri K Private 1st class  
Mann William M Corporal Bryantville, MA
McClure Robert W Private 1st class Huntington, WV
McElroy James Y Private Clarksburg, WV
McIntosh Eugene Private 1st class Missouri Valley. IA
McIntosh George W Private 1st class Missouri Valley. IA
Merrill Albert F Corporal Thompsonville, CT
Moran Thomas J Corporal  
Morin Francis L Corporal Springvalley, IL
Mushowitz Hillel Private Wilkesbarre, PA
Nelson Charles W Private 1st class Modale, IA
Nelson John H Sergeant Booneville, NY
Neville James C Cook Westerly, RI
Norton Reginald B Corporal Chilmark, MA
O'Neill James B Corporal Northamton, MA
Parker Ralph L Corporal Ames, IA
Roush William S Corporal Clendenin, WV
Rowan Russell C Corporal Gap Mills, WV
Saunders John P Corporal Huntington, WV
Shobe William B Corporal Petersburg, WV
Sizemore Robert L Corporal Clay, WV
Smith Robert Private  
Soper Phillip A Sergeant Schenectady, NY
Steele Robert Private 1st class Clarksburg, WV
Stevenson George G Private 1st class Harmon, VA
Stickles Clarence L Corporal (died of influenza at Le Havre) Lenox, MA
Summers Fred Private 1st class Wallback, WV
Waller Earl Corporal Webster, WV
Ward William B Private Parkersburg, WV
Wood L L Private Brockton, MA

Company Briefs

Shortly after the arrival of the 301st Supply Train in France, it was decided by Division Headquarters to establish a Chauffeurs' and Mechanics' School for the 3rd Depot Division. Most of the personnel for the school were taken from the First Company C. With Captian James Moody as Commanding Officer and Lieutenant Donald Fitts as the second officer. After First Company C was transferred to Bordeaux, a new Company C was formed from the students at the school with Lt. Fitts in command.

Unfortunately the new companies (both A and C) were called after the old letters, a fact that caused many errors in the mail. At that particular time it was considered that the old companies were no longer part of the Train.

The school was located in a large empty barn near Les Grandes Villages and was equiped to handle about 300 men. Most of the students were new soldiers arriving from the United States. Infantry Drill was also part of the order of the day so that the school gradulated both good truck men as well as good soldiers. Before graduating, each man had to drive a truck for 3 hours wearing a gas mask. A hard job but necessary considering the type of work they were training to do.

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