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S.B.Butler's AEF Scrapbook:
Company B of the 301st Supply Train


Commanding officer(s)

Lt. Fox
Lieutenant John L. Fox


Abeel William H Private Saratoga Springs, NY
Adams John J Corporal Albany, NY
Ames Benton O Sergeant Raybrook, NY
Anson George B Corporal Ausable Fork, NY
Bartlett George Corporal Detroit, MI
Barton Jerome J Corporal Cambridge, NY
Batchelder Lynn J Corporal Mechanicsville, NY
Beiermeister J M Sergeant (later 2nd Lt Inf) Troy, NY
Bellen Joseph S A Corporal Canajoharie, NY
Benard Leon E Corporal Glens Falls, NY
Blumberg Abie M Private 1st class Syracuse, NY
Boufford Alfred M Private Linwood, MA
Bovie Sanford H Corporal Hoosick Falls, NY
Bradt Eldon Corporal  
Bramer Clarence F Corporal Amsterdam, NY
Brennon Bernard T Corporal Lowell, MA
Brown Earl A Corporal Pamona, CA
Brown Ralph T Private Rutland, VT
Bundy Loren A Sergeant Chazy, NY
Bunnell Henry A Corporal Frankfort, NY
Burby Edward C Corporal Watervliet, NY
Burdick Percy H Corporal Glens Falls, NY
Burkhart August J Private Astoria, NY
Busch John J Corporal Glens Falls, NY
Carden Charles R Corporal (later 2nd Lt MG)  
Carrigan Francis J Private Worcester, MA
Chandler Floyd V Sergeant Rensselaer, NY
Churchill Lincoln J Private  
Clark Harry A Sergeant Plattsburg, NY
Cole Harold E Sergeant 1st class Brockton, MA
Collins Olaf Private (died from influenza at St Amand) Brockton, MA
Covey William E Corporal (died from influenza at Le Havre)  
DeFelice Pasquale Private  
Doroughty Thomas P Corporal Hudson, NY
Dowd John P Private Worcester, MA
Farber Raymond B Corporal Newport, NY
Fassnacht Carl A Corporal Chattanooga, TN
Fox John L Lieutenant Pittsburg, PA
French Enoch L Private 1st class Sand Lake, NY
Galligan Bernard E Corporal Waterbury, CT
Gerko Andrew Corporal (died from influenza at Le Havre) Brockton, MA
Giguere William Corporal  
Gleissner Silvan J Corporal Danbury, CT
Goodwin Morton J Corporal Schenectady, NY
Greenblatt Isreal Private Waterbury, CT
Grimmonis Tony Cook Lowell, MA
Harte Walter J Private South Natick, MA
Harvey Jr William L Private 1st class Saranac, NY
Huiest Bert C K Corporal Rexford, NY
Hunter James Private 1st class Hudson, NY
Jandron Charles Private Hudson, MA
Johnson Carlos Private 1st class East Sebago, ME
Johnson Erwin Private Sabbatus, ME
Jones William J Corporal Albany, NY
Kinney Byron E Private 1st class Castleton, VT
Knapp Leon B Private 1st class Dolgeville, NY
Larockue Isreal Private Lowell, MA
Lestor William H Corporal Cohoes, NY
Martino Vincent Private Bridgeport, CT
Meekin Donald H Private 1st class North Pownal, VT
Molloy Michael A Private 1st class Lowell, MA
Newell Linwood S Sergeant Lynn, MA
Nickerson George A Corporal Attleboro, MA
Russell Herbert A Private Campello, MA
Sawyer Louis C Private Camden, ME
Seigal Leonard A Corporal Lowell, MA
Simpson John F Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Simpson Reginald P Sergeant (died in motorcycle accident) Bridgeport, CT
Valentine Frederick A Private  
Watcke Henry N Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Webber John Private  
Whalen Thomas Cook (died from influenza at Le Havre) Brockton, MA
Wilder Warren Private Bridgeport, CT
Williams Harrison Private Groveland, MA
Wunsch William F Corporal Bristol, CT
Zumpf Clifford N Corporal Washington Depot, CT

Company Briefs

Ten o'clock pass: Like the others, Company B arranged a dance for the benefit of the company fund during the winter of 1917 to 1918. The dance was to be held in Fitchburg, MA and a week previous to the dance several of the men had been furnished with a 10 o'clock pass to sell tickets in Fitchburg. Thinking that a good time might be in store for them the men were pre-cautious enough to arrange matters with men in charge of the quarters, in order that they might be reported present in case they hadn't returned at taps.

It was a correct assumption and it was after midnight when they reached camp. For several weeks the guards at the main gate had been lax at examining passes, and the men were able to get into camp without close scrutiny.

Walking up the main road past the Hostess House and over to the Supply Train barracks one man remarked, "Why haven't we done this before?" They all were in high spirits, when, without warning, a sentry stepped into the street about a hundred feet ahead of them, immediately giving the command to halt. One man whispered to the rest to keep "mum," and continue walking. They were within a few paces of the guard and again he demanded them to halt. This time in a tone and manner which to say the least was vicious. Suddenly one of the lead men boomed out in a voice, which sounded exactly like an officer's, "Are you out of your head, or are you just a rookie? The idea, trying to halt American soldiers, right here on the company street." The guard stepped to one side without a word and the men could see a sheepish look on his face as they all marched by.

Major June's bandits: Company B, like the rest of the bandits, showed its rustling prowess upon occasion. Lieutenant Fox remembers accidentally marching his company over a pile of digging tools. Possibly forty picks, shovels, etc,. and looking back a minute later to find the ground bare and not a smile showing.

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