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S.B.Butler's AEF Scrapbook:
Second Company A of the 301st Supply Train

Second Company A. Probably in St. Amand-Montrond


Commanding officer(s)

Lt. Anderson

Lt. Hatter

Lieutenant Arthur H. Anderson
October to December 1918

Lieutenant John A. Hatter
January to June 1919



Adkins Harry Private 1st class Smith, WV
Anderson Arthur H Lieutenant  
Ashbaugh Asa R Private (died of influenza at Le Havre)  
Ballengee William H Private Bellepoint, WV
Barnett Harry C Private 1st class St. Albans, WV
Bartlett Arthur Sergeant Brockton, MA
Bates Ferdinand 1st Lieutenant Richmond, MO
Bellamy William T Private Morganstown, WV
Brander Earl Sergeant Everett, MA
Browne Sam L Corporal Huntington, WV
Bryant Ray T Corporal Parkersburg, WV
Bush A L Private Parkersburg, WV
Bush Glenn A Private Westfield, MA
Casey Edward L Private  
Casey Floyd Corporal Amherstdate, WV
Caylor William Private Dora, PA
Chandler F L Private Charlestown, WV
Chase Jr Alexander B Corporal W. Yarmouth, MA
Clark George Private (died of influenza at Le Havre)  
Cofer John P Corporal Coberg. KY
Cook John T Private Haverhill, MA
Corson Everett H Sergeant Fairhaven, MA
Cutler Lester B Corporal  
Damon Howard B Sergeant Marshfield Hills, MA
Deane Byron E Private 1st class Nora Springs, IA
Dowling Mark Private Lohrville, IA
Edmiston Samual Private 1st class Altoona, PA
Fisher Ira J Private Wanconda, IL
Fournier Abner H Cook Hartford, CT
Gleason James J Private Lowell, MA
Gorenflo Fred H Corporal  
Hargens Earl W Corporal Ida Grove, IA
Harnage Ivy C Private  
Hatter John A Lieutenant Franklyn, KY
Haughland Sigurd Private Radcliffe, IA
Hayes John F Corporal Atlantic, MA
Higgens Clarence Private Glidden, IA
Hoover James Private  
Hynes Fred G Corporal W. Somerville, MA
Kennedy Harry V Sergeant Bridgeport, CT
Kruger Louis E Corporal New Bedford, MA
Larson Russell Corporal Kiron, IA
Levinsky Abraham Private Canton, OH
MacCracken Albert P Sergeant 1st class Fitchburg, MA
McGorarty P G Corporal Snow Shoe, PA
Miller Albert E Private E. Bristol, RI
Nichols A E Corporal Fort Herkimer, NY
Roach Hampton F Private Lynchburg, VA
Rogers Louis E Private Harrisburg, PA
Sachau A W Cook Deloit, IA
Schalmus George C Private Rodney, IA
Schoonmaker Wallace E Sergeant Schenectady, NY
Seaton Robert W Corporal Lyons, NE
Sherriff Charles F Private 1st class Pittsburg, PA
Sorenson Jesse Private Logan, IA
Spinney Alfred H Corporal Eastport, ME
Treece Claude J Private Onawa, IA
Trude Frederick G Corporal Hartford, CT
Twichell Arthur B Private New Haven, CT
Vittitoe Walter W Corporal Modale, IA
Whitcomb Charles Albert Corporal Fitchburg, MA
Witt Herman Corporal Arion, IA
Zapp Herman Corporal Schenectady, NY

Company Briefs

Second Company A was formed in the middle of October 1918, at St. Amand. It was composed of both new and old men; the officers and non-coms were old Train men and the privates were, for the most part, men newly arrived from the states, and trained in the St. Amand Chauffeurs School.

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