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S.B.Butler's AEF Scrapbook:
Company A of the 301st Supply Train


Commanding officer

Lt. Travers
Lieutenant Robert J. Travers


Austin Franck C Private 1st Class Stamford, CT
Balfe Clarence E Private  
Bishop William C Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Blain Joseph C Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Boothby Donald H Corporal Philidelphia, PA
Bourassa Leo R Private Salem, MA
Bowman Albert Corporal Mitteneague, MA
Broadbent Francis M Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Butler George M Corporal Norwood, MA
Carreira Antione Private Bedford, MA
Carroll Peter J Corporal Waterbury, CT
Christy Harold W Corporal Irvington, NJ
Cotton Barrett R Sergeant W. Pownal, ME
Duff Harry J Private  
Fairbank Jr Dexter H Corporal Foxboro, MA
Farrel Malley F Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Ferris Benjamin G Corporal Greenwich, CT
Flagg Edward E Corporal Keene, NH
Fortier Ovide Corporal (later 2nd Lt Inf) Brockton, MA
Foster Cecil E Sergeant Forest City, ME
Fraser Edwin Corporal  
Gates Raymond Corporal Lowell, MA
Geary Frederick E Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Geary John J Corporal Lowell, MA
Giles John P Private 1st class Brockton, MA
Gill Martin F Corporal Brooklyn, NY
Gudinauskis Joseph Private 1st class Waterbury, CT
Hazen Ruel Private Bantam, CT
Heaphy David Sergeant (later 2nd Lt TC killed in action) Bridgeport, CT
Hertz Benjamin H Corporal Norwalk, CT
Hubbs Theron M Corporal  
James Elton A Cook Westport, CT
Kennedy Augustine P Sergeant 1st class Bridgeport, CT
Kinderly Michael E Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Kirner Joseph W Cook  
Krausmann George E Sergeant Bridgeport, CT
Lally Thomas C Sergeant Greenwich, CT
Lawson John M Sergeant W. Haven, CT
Lucier Herman W Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Lyman Frederick A Corporal New York City
Maguire Charles L Private 1st class Lowell, MA
Major Phillip A Corporal Brockton, MA
McAllister Charles R Private 1st class Port Jervis, NY
McArdle John Private 1st class Lowell, MA
McCarthy Francis E Corporal Bridgeport, CT
McLaughlin Robert F Private 1st class Hanson, MA
Meehan Edward J Private Bridgeport, CT
Morrissey Richard A Corporal Providence, RI
Mosher William C Corporal Kings County, NS
Mullin William J Corporal Stamford, CT
Murphy William B Corporal Torrington, CT
Nelson Harry N Corporal Los Angeles, CA
Nelson Karl O Private 1st class Quincy, MA
Nestor Francis P Corporal  
Nevens Oscar F Sergeant Brockton, MA
Olson Hilden O Cook Norwalk, CT
Patnaude Edmund E Private 1st class  
Peterson Nestor T Private 1st class Rockport, MA
Petrino Frank J Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Phillips Jack M Corporal Bridgeport, CT
Piper George L Corporal Hancock, MA
Ritch Joseph Corporal New York City
Scanlon Frank Corporal Lowell, MA
Shaw James M Corporal Trumbull, CT
Sumpter Jr Fred Sergeant 1st class (later 2nd Lt inf) Jamaica Plain, MA
Tobey George B Sergeant Bridgeport, CT
Toussaint Aime J Private 1st class Bangor, ME
Travers Robert J Lieutenant W. Orange, NJ
Vance Hugh H Corporal  
Wells Savario Corporal Salem, MA
Westcott Elliott J Corporal Mentone, AL

Company Briefs


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