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The Butler families include the Zeppieri, Czaja, Rabideau, and Williams clans We also include Logue, Bess, Stapleton and when looking to the grandchildren and great grand children. Direct ancestors include House, Lutz and Savage. Cousins in the Bliss, Brown, Coe, Carroll, Parke and Warner families should try the Search page to find family references on the site. Click here to see what's New on the Butler site.

Spotlight on: Absalom Savage

Absalom Savage
Absalom Savage built the Savage/Butler homestead in 1806. As of 2023, the house has had a continued family presense that includes eight generations.

The Williams genealogy was kept alive through the hard work of the late Rev. Edward H. Williams IV. Parts of his work appear in the biographies section. See the GEDCOM built from his work on the decendants of Robert Williams of Roxbury Massachusetts.


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