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Moscow update: Thank you from Russia

February 02, 2003

Dear Family and friends:

Please forgive me for a general thank you note, rather than individual emails of appreciation, but we just have not had enough hours in the day lately. I believe the Lord is giving us a lession in prioritizing our time. He has actually reduced our responsibilities somewhat (through a "restructuring" we now have 5 orphans in our care, instead of 20) I say somewhat because even with 5 most of the needs and responsibilities are still there, we're just more focused and, praise God, we are seeing more fruit as a result.

Back to the thank you's, we so appreciate your email notes of encouragement, please keep them coming. They are alot faster than the mail service, we just received several Christmas cards stamped "airmail" "express delivery", postmarked Dec 21, (4 to 6 weeks seems to be the norm). So once again THANK YOU, it is so good to feel in touch with you back home. We received an encouraging note from you describing a lesson on how God protected Daniel, from his enemies, by putting him "safely" in a lions den and Shadrack, Meshack and Abednigo by putting them in a furnace with Jesus. Please pray that God's hand of protection would be on our family as we go through our firey trials, please pray especially for our children and the challenges they must face living in a "fish bowl". Often our trials seem so small when we look at what others are facing, but I believe the reason they seem small is because, as we operate within His will, He is giving us the grace to face the trials. I know many of you are facing trials, right now, that are mountains and our prayer is that they will be mere bumps in the road as our Lord pours His grace out upon you.

God bless you with His love
The Butler Family

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