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Moscow update: Getting better

January 30, 2003

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for your prayers,concern and love. We are not to use our internet line during work hours,since it is connected to the orphan office. We just arrived back from the second visit to the clinic in 12 hours. Good news, I, Linda, am on the road to recovery,thanks to the Lord.

Let me start from the beginning. On Friday morning, an ambulance showed up here for one of the orphans,Dasha, who had a 106 fever. A few minutes later, our Katya, got into bed not feeling well. I took her temp-103,she was sleeping, so I thought I'd wait a bit. Thirty minutes later, I took it again-106.6,I had never seen the thermometor go that high-she was convulsing. We got bowls of snow (our freezers are teeny-do not accomodate ice) temp came down to 103 in half hour. She had sore throat, chest congestion, temp went up and down and up and down for 6 days. There are our family of seven and five orphans in our apartment; by Sunday,6 more had the same symptoms, by Tuesday 11 of us. The Lord kept Tol up and going to administer meds, take temps, cook soup,do laundry, prayer,he has been serving all of us with a joyful heart. I went down Sunday AM with all the same symptoms, also my throat was becoming more and more constricted that I could not swallow a tylenol or water. Well most of the vehicles here are in the back in the"graveyard" (accidents). The remaining one, a Mercedes 7 passenger, is only to be used for emergencies, everyone uses public transportation. During a snow storm, Mr. Cheney took us to an American Clinic, which is steps up from others. Strange to walk in and lay on a table with coat and muddy boots on and have an IV started, but that is the norm here. The diagnosis was bronchial tube, larnyx, vocal cords inflamed and infected. IV's with antibiotic,and antiinflammatories were given to open throat constriction. I made another visit today, with more antibiotic treatment given.

I am now beginning to recover. Thank you for your prayers, and also for the many e-mails (what a joy to get e-mails:) I feel so disconnected from everyone, and the trials here are many and continuing as I write. This illness is rampant here,most children are ill, another ambulance arrived here this afternoon for another child, whose temp would not go down. Please continue to pray this sickness is only one of the many trials and sufferings we are going through this week.


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