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Renovations 2006: Front walkway and foundation work

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Jeff Pandolfi does some site preparation so we can pour a pad for the new walkway.

We now have Mike, an apprentice from Vinal Tech helping Bob on the job.

Bob and crew are working on the foundation sill. This also shows a pretty good view of the layers of the old homestead: Om top is the clapboard, followed by some 15 to 20 inch wide sheathing, behind that you can see the back side of the lath and horse-hair plaster.

Kurt and Mike look out from the basement. We slid in new beams (in the previous photo you can see the ends of the new beams) and built a new sill under the door.

A view of the doorway and exposed foundation.

Here we are starting on putting in the bottom stair. Behind Gary, our cement guy, you can see the concrete blocks that we will be setting this brownstone behemoth on.

Gary and Mike watch as we do an initial positioning of the brownstone behemoth.

A back view of the behemoth. They did a fantastic job of leveling and squaring the stone with the house, the stone that will form the top stair and the walkway that will go to the sidewalk.

Here's a view of the behemoth that was carrying the brownstone step.

Here is all of the forms that will hold the concrete. The concrete will form a base pad for the top step.

The cement truck. One of many large vehicles that we have had laboring in front of the old homestead.

Gary faces down the cement truck. Unfortunately he forgot his six-shooters and had to resort to a shovel.

The top step is being positioned over the completed concrete foundation. Any time we had to raise the brownstone step we got a bit anxious. I think we ended up raising it three times in all.

Kurt works under the stone to remove some concrete to get a better fit.

The top step is snuggly back in place and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

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