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Renovations 2006: Rock work and Bench

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Ruby, Art Webster (our neighbor) and I began planning a park bench sometime in May. By mid June we had the cresent partially dug out. When we had some big equipment in the area we had them finish the cresent and add crushed rock. Jackie helped me sort out the growing pile of brownstone into blocks, shims and backfill.

Here I am tamping down the final layer of rock dust before laying down the brick. Sue helped shovel rock dust out of the truck and did some of the tamping. Kurt has been very impressed with how great our sisters are at helping out.

Out come the BIG toys. Bob bought a new "demolition" saw and I bought a brownstone saw blade for it. Bob and I spent 2 or three days cutting brownstone down to 48" lengths and in some cases, splitting the rock length-wise.

Ruby standing on the completed blocks. These blocks are slated to become the front pathway from the sidewalk to the entryway. The brownstone was originally part of the old barn foundation.

This stone slab was one that we cut and split. We decided to turn it into the park bench.

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Here is a before shot of the little sidewalk that goes down the south side of the house. When the sidewalks were lowered in the mid-60's, the walk no longer connected properly. Not only was it above the sidewalk it sat back about 7 inches.

Using the rock cutting saw I took off just under 2 inches. The cut away piece is propped up to show the cut.

The after shot. With the edge cut back it allowed me to make a 10-inch tread on the added step. I still need to sculpt the grass embankment.

The main walkway starts to take shape. We are joined by Bob's mother, Florence Vess who came to watch but who couldn't stand by and watch us have all the fun.

We needed to trim several stones to get a better fit.

Kurt eases the final stone pad into place.

June 2007: New water spigot by barn with fancy rock treatment.

Close up of hose an catch basin.

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