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Renovations 2006: Front Porch demolition

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The front porch with trimmed back mountain laurel plants.

Our contractor Bob Vess determines what is making the door pull out.

May 6: The temporary results (We were deciding whether to pull the porch down and make it look like the older house, or whether we would go with a renovated old porch.)

June 13, 2006. We decided to remove the porch. Kurt and Bob use a lift and a platform to work on the front porch.

Bob seemed to think the last picture was unflattering of Kurt, so I found this one that shows Kurt in a better light, while Bob takes a breather.

The porch comes down bit by bit.

The house without the front porch. It kind of looks like it has a bandaid on. That is the Tyvek which is on to provide a bit of weather proofing. Note also the stonework for the walkway is sitting off to the side.

Kurt puts some finishing touches on the copper roof over the new entryway.

Ruby prepares to add a patina to the copper roof

Here is a before and after of the pillasters laid out in the lower barn. Jackie helped me remove the paint stripper and when that proved to leave behind another 5 to 10 layers of paint, Ruby and Sue and I turned to a heat gun to hasten the paint removal.

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