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Renovations 2006: Work on the inside of house

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Back pantry. Shifted the door to the middle and added shelves to all bays. Also added an electircal outlet (hidden by plastic bottles).

Added false beams and molding around ceiling. Used original shelving removed during a bathroom remodel in the 1980's.

Before pictures of old mantel. You can sort of see from first picture that the mantel top is tipped and there is a gap between it and the wall.

New mantel. It's design was taken from the other fireplaces in the living rooms and the upstairs bedroom.

Door sill to south living room before and after. I believe the old sill had been damaged by water from the old radiators. I installed the new sill using the original hand-cut nails.

One of several holes left hehind when radiators were removed. The detail pictures show how I routed out a square patch, leaving a ridge so that the plug can be glued solidly.

New upstairs bathroom cabinet. The doors are made from the old dining room windows.

April 2007: Downstairs bathroom. Nathan and I have just begun gutting the renovations done during the 1980s..

Ruby stands in the doorway that was hidden behind the shower.

Nathan, Curly, David and Tol stand in the empty bathroom.

Clawfoot bathtub newly installed in downstains bath and a picture of Jackie, Nathan and David using the bathtub in 1957 when it was upstairs.

New cabinet, Its main feature is that the door to the cabinet is original equipment. It was removed during a 1980's remodel. I found it stored in the basement.

Back stair well is finally painted. Added trim to hide the wiring and replaced one of the attic stairs to get rid of holes that had been drilled for old plumbing vents.

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