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Renovations 2006: Cellar changes

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The workbench after extensive clean up and renovation. Added the shelves on the backing board and built framework for the drawers to slide on.

Ruby is going to use the workbench for her metal working studio.

I moved almost every nail, screw, bolt and washer to the old cistern area. I've been calling the space "Nordgren's Hardware."

Installed sink in basement.

June 2007: Paul and his team at Marlowe Restorations LLC are doing post and beam work. Here we are looking at a new 6x6 girder placed under the old beam on the south side of the house.

Temporary jacks and beams under the northside beam.

Adrien and Paul work together to slowly raise the jacks.

Adrien and Patty install the final beams.

Barry coming past some of the newly installed posts..

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