Norman Smale Family

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Norman Smale

b: 11/23/1915 d: 2/3/2005

Winifred Fisher Smale

b: 5/10/1918 d: 12/13/1993

married: August 1, 1947 (Portland, OR)


William, Elizabeth, Ruby, Paul, Mark

Family Information

Norman worked at the following places:

In the early 1960's Blue Cross wanted to reduce the size of their records by 20%. Norman devised a method to modify the lens on their Xerox machine to accomplish the task. He got paid about $38 for his time.

Norman went to Bhenke-Walker Business College from 1933 to 1936. He took courses in Astronomy at Lewis and Clark College in 1958.

Winifred went to Oregon State from 1938 to 1939. She worked as a Secretary at the Veterans Hospital where she and Norman met.