Absalom Savage Family

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Absalom & Sally Wilcox Savage

Children and spouses:
Ralph & Sarah; Mary Ann & Lucius Andrus; George & Elizabeth; Charles & Maria Crane

Family Information

Absalom Savage, born: November 1, 1781. died July , 1821
Sally Wilcox Savage, born: September 6, 1785. died March 31, 1834

Married: November 2, 1806

Francis, 1808-1810
William Francis 1810-1810
Ralph Bulkley Savage, born: September 10, 1812
Mary Ann Savage Andrus: born April 20, 1815
Rev. George Slocum Folger Savage: born June 29, 1817
Charles Cassee Savage: born July 4, 1820, died 1907

The picture of Absalom comes from a small glass painting, that still hangs in the house that he built in 1806 on Main St, Cromwell CT. The picture was painted when he was in France. Absalom was a sea captain and is said to have died of yellow fever on the return trip from one of his West Indian voyages.

According to family history Absalom Savage received his baptismal name in error. It is said that he was to be named for Capt. Abijah Savage, a hero of the old French war, and that the minister misunderstood, and bestowed the name Absalom. In a Letter of October 9,1893 Absalom's son, George S. F. Savage, tells the story to his cousiin John Redfield: "Grandfather Nathaniel Savage and his wife agreed to name my father Abijah, but when he was baptized Grandfather said that he (the minister) could not read the name and could only think of Absalom, and so, much to their regret, he was so named."


See several Letters written by Sally and Absalom.


Below: Authorization to sail from Barbados to Martinique on his schooner named "Lucy."

Ancestry Chart

Absalom is a descendant of John Savage and Elizabeth Dubbin Savage, who were original settlers of Cromwell CT, then part of Middletown and often called the Upper Houses or North Society. Below is the progression from John to Absalom.

John Savage = Elizabeth Dubbin (m.1652)
-- John Savage = Mary Ranney (m.3/30/1682)
--- Thomas Savage = Mary Goodwin (m.3/21/1710 or 11)
---- John Savage = Martha Beckley (m.8/4/1742)
----- Nathaniel Savage = Mary Stowe (m.10/25/1772)
------ Absalom Savage = Sally Wilcox (m.11/2/1806)

Sally Wilcox Savage was also related to John Savage and Elizabeth Dubbin Savage through both her mother and father. See chart below. For even more details see the chart on the George Butler page.

The grave markers for Absalom and Sally Savage in the old burying ground in Cromwell Ct.